Table Reservation Lunch the Old Homestead

Activity facts

Suitable for: Everyone Gather at: The Old Homestead
Enjoy delicious, homemade pizza in a cultural environment by the river Torne.
In the timbered building dating back to 1768, which is also a museum, an open fire is crackling in winter, and the porch overlooking the calm passing of Torne River is a welcome spot for drinks and meals in summer.

The buildings housing the restaurant and museum were built in the 18th century in connection to the repair of the Jukkasjärvi village church and used to be a school. Jukkasjärvi has been a settled village for over four hundred years, but it was a market place for the Sámi and tradesmen from all over northern Scandinavia and Russia long before.

It gets its name from the Sámi language, translating to “meeting by the water”.


Pizza only for lunch during July

Summer menu at the Od Homestead in Jukkasjärvi

Opening hours at the Homestead