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The design

ice toys in childrens room inside Icehotel
Put a smile on your face and jump in to the toybox

Welcome to a frozen world, full of toys that might bring your inner child to life again. Lie down in bed and let yourself be rocked to sleep by the melody of ”Twinkle Twinkle Star” playing in the background. Above the bed, a huge bunny created by snow is guarding through the night. Only the ears of the rabbit weighs 75 kilo each.

In the room you can also make friends with another creature, a four-meter-tall giraffe, or play with a rocket created by ice. The artists are both working with toy design, and they created this room as a tribute to their own children.


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VICTOR TSARSKI is an architect from Sofia, Bulgaria. He teamed up with Wouter Biegelaar six years ago and have been returning to Icehotel with him ever since. They also work with toy design for manufacturers all over Europe.

WOUTER BIEGELAAR  is a product designer from Holland, the work with Victor Tsarski has brought him a friend for life. In this suite, the team got inspired by their own life, having small kids - and wanted to create a childish suite.

Two men by the river on sunna winters day at Icehotel

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